【Ver. Chinese】Ms. SUZANNE CHOO

MBA from the University of Sydney, Australia. The head office operates a number of award-winning restaurants and bars, including Jean-Georges Shanghai, a 3-star restaurant in New York.
Currently, she is the managing director of the Bund No. 3 (The Bund No. 3 is a historic building built in 1916 at the Shanghai landmark “Bund”)

Work: Shinpaku

Enjoy sake and dishes selected by an Sommelier of Sake (International kikisake-shi) in the store where you can see the beautiful cityscape of Shanghai.
In March 2019, under the supervision of international liquor master Chow Susanne, a Japanese restaurant “Shinpaku” with a novel concept that fuses Chinese and Japanese culture opened.

Located in the historically valuable buildings of the Bund No. 3 area, which is said to be the center of fashion and culture in Shanghai, you can enjoy your meal while admiring the beautiful cityscape and the brilliance of the city.

At “Shinpaku”, Wood is used everywhere in the interior, and it has a simple Japanese design that combines natural elements, so you can spend a relaxing time as if you were in Japan.

We spare no cost for “ingredients” that can be said to be the soul of cooking, and Japanese-style creative dishes that emphasize the sense of the season that maximizes the best selected ingredients, such as Japanese charcoal-grilled sushi. We serve sushi and sashimi.

You can enjoy sake from about 100 types selected by Sommelier of Sake (International kikisake-shi) such as Ms.Choo.
At the same store, we believe that the flavor of sake will change depending on the climate, water source, rice quality, and the relationship between technology of chief brewer at a sake brewery, so the sake notes that summarize the comments are written separately for each region.
In addition, the store is also focusing on staff training and training, such as daily tasting and recording in notebooks.

At the entrance of the store, there is a certificate of an Sommelier of Sake (International kikisake-shi), but it seems that the wall inside the store is open so that we can display the certificates of the staff who will be members of the sommelier (International Kikisakeshi-shi) team in the future. am.
Before the store opened, Ms. Choo wanted to know more about sake and obtained a qualification as an Sommelier of Sake (International kikisake-shi).
Then, while preparing to open “Kinjo”, I decided to join the sake menu creation team led by the Sommelier of Sake (International kikisake-shi) Mr. Ryu Jackie.

Mr. Ryu admires his attitude toward his work and reflects that attitude in the quality service of the International kikisake-shi team.
“Being able to join this team was a great boon to getting a qualification as an International kikisake-shi,” says Ms.Choo.
When “Shinpaku” is written in Japanese, it becomes “Kokoro”, which is the central part of sake rice after it has been milled.
In addition, the Chinese notation “Shinpaku” is derived from “creating a source of free thinking and enjoying delicious food and sake with close friends”, and is a Japanese story “to be precious with Japanese”. It seems that they agree.
As the words say, “Shinpaku”, supervised by Ms. Choo, is a new spot in Shanghai where people who have a good relationship with close friends gather and drink sake with delicious food.

Address: Shanghai Huangpu-ku Zhongshan East 1st Road 3rd Bund No. 3 2nd floor (around Guangdong Road)
Business hours: 17: 30-01: 00
Number of seats: 180 seats
(as of August 2019)