About Sake beginners course
「NIHONSYU Navigator 」is an introductory qualification where individuals, including those in the food and beverage industry, can learn about the charm of Japanese sake. This qualification can be obtained by attending the 「NIHONSYU Navigator」organized by certified International Sake Lecturer from SSI International.
After acquiring the foundational 「NIHONSYU Navigator Certification Seminar」qualification, why not consider aiming for the professional certification 「Sommelier of Sake (International kikisake-shi)」? This certification is designed for professionals in the field and provides further expertise in sake tasting and evaluation.
※Certified by SSI International and International Sake Lecturer (SSI International Certification).


Benefits of Sake Navigator
Special treatment when acquiring qualifications such as “Sommelier of Sake “(International kikisake-shi)
For about 1 year after being certified as a “Sake Navigator”, special treatment is given to “NPO corporation FBO” certification and official qualifications, including the professional “Sommelier of Sake “(International kikisake-shi) who provides and sells sake. You can apply at the special price.
What is attendance at the venue?
This seminar is hosted by international sake lecturers nationwide and is held at affiliated schools in each country.
There are many ingenious seminars such as holding at sake stores and pairing with local specialties, so please select your desired lecturer.
After completion, you will be given a “card-type certificate”.
Please select your desired schedule from the schedule below and apply directly from the seminar outline WEB page.
Please contact the organizer’s lecturer directly for the content of the seminar.

Instructor introduction / list
Profile introduction of international sake instructor (*Coming soon)
Seminar holding report (*Coming soon)