What is International Sake Lecturer?
In recent years, various people such as young people, women, and  people around the world have come to enjoy sake.
The common need for so-called beginners is not just “I want to drink” but “I want to drink after knowing”.
As if to prove this, Sake seminars are frequently held all over the world.
However, not many people have the skills of a proper lecturer.
“International Sake Lecturer” is a sake instructor who has not only knowledge of sake but also the skill of “teaching”.

In addition to the “instruction skills,” “communication skills,” and “planning skills” required for an “International Sake Lecturer,” there is  “specialty skills,” which are specialized knowledge of sake, are required.
The International Sake Lecturer workshop offers practical programs to improve these four skills.

The profit of International Sake Lecturer
“International Sake Lecturer” can host a seminar for consumer qualification “Sake Navigator” *
International Sake Lecturer have the right to certify “Sake Navigator” qualifications to the participants of the seminars they sponsor.
“Sake navigator” is a qualification that is positioned as an “introduction qualification” for the food and beverage industry or a “consumer qualification” for enjoying sake.
A “Navigator Certificate” will be given to the certified person, which will motivate the students to participate in the seminar.
* NPO FBO enrollment procedures (submission of enrollment application, payment of enrollment fee annual membership fee (including registration fee for official and certified qualification year), procedure for next year annual membership fee account transfer) are required.

About Examination course
A course where you can receive direct guidance from a full-time instructor with the teaching materials and experiences unique to attending the venue. Questions can be resolved immediately on the spot, and then aim to pass the exam.

Qualifications for attending & examination International kikisake-shi (SSI INT’L certified)
Language English, Chinese (traditional, simplified)
Exam deadline Within one year from the month following the date of attendance at the time of initial application
Teaching materials
English Ver.Chinese Ver. (traditional, simplified)
・What is an Ideal Lecturer?
・Communication Skills.
・Instructional Skills.
・Planning Skills.
・Necessary knowledge for lecturers
・Seminar Session.

『日本酒之基 SSI國際唎酒師官方教材』
『國際日本酒講師 中文課程』
Schedule Undecided (3 days in total, 1st and 2nd day is a class, 3rd day is an exam)
Venue TBA

Program (1st and 2nd day)
1st Day2nd Day
Time Lecture 
10:00〜10:30 The attitude and role of an international sake instructor

Seminar management overview 

As for the knowledge and abilities that should be mastered by international sake instructors and their roles, and an overview of practical operation of seminars and symposiums from a managerial perspective regarding the key points of seminar management

13:10〜14:40 The key points of seminar management from a managerial perspective.
14:55〜16:45 Effective Explanation Methods for Classifying Sake for Consumers: ① Tasting
17:00〜18:30 The Setup Method for Sake Seminars: ①
Time Lecture 
10:00〜11:30 Effective Explanation Methods for Classifying Sake for Consumers: ②
11:45〜13:15 Effective Explanation Methods for Classifying Sake for Consumers: ②
14:15〜15:45 What the sake brewery wants to convey to International Sake Lecturer 1
16:00〜17:30 What the sake brewery wants to convey to International Sake Lecturer 2
17:30〜17:45 Orientation
Exam (3rd Day)
Exam time 12:30〜16:20
1st exam
(50 minutes)

[Writing] Multiple Choice and Writing Questions

・Questions about the knowledge required for teachers

Question range

Second exam
(50 minutes)
[Writing] Writing Questions

・From seminar planning to envisioning consumer-targeted seminar, develop an 「Execution Plan.」

Question range


Chinese: Text “International Sake Instructor Chinese Course

Third exam
(50 minutes)
[Writing] Writing Questions

・Composition of the Sake  Charm Presentation Course

Fourth exam
(50 minutes)

The content of the 4th examination includes the following:
※ The examination time may vary depending on the participants and the venue (generally conducted in order of the examination number).
Practice of sake seminar for beginners (10 minutes of explanatory practice)


Hypothetical seminar for beginners in sake
Participants are assumed to have been provided with teaching materials as text materials
Whiteboard (or electronic whiteboard) can be used, and other lecture tools can be freely utilized

* Pass criteria: 70% or more correct answer rate for each exam

Examination fee & application
Examination Fee 160,000JPY(including teaching material fee, certification fee, certificate, and certification chapter)
Included in the examination fee
(1) “SSI INT’L Certified International Sake Instructor Examination Qualification Certification Course” Examination Fee and Certification Examination Fee (At the time of passing)Including certification fee)
(2) Teaching materials (textbooks, alcoholic beverages, etc.) associated with the above classes (
Retake the exam fee

If you fail or are absent, you can take the test by paying the re-examination fee.

In that case, the test results that meet the passing criteria will be valid only within the test deadline, and only the tests that have failed (eg, 1st only, 3rd only, etc.) will be taken.