We’re looking for our new partner schools. Please fill in the “Application form of affiliated school” and send it to us.

1. About affiliated schools
Each qualification exam certified by SSI INTERNATIONAL is conducted in collaboration with affiliated schools in abroad that share the need for education and dissemination of sake sales personnel in each country. The main role of the affiliated schools is to accept applications for each qualification exam sponsored by SSI INERNATIONAL. In addition, each affiliated school has its own curriculum, such as preparation seminars for the exam.

2. Benefits of becoming our affiliated school
* You can set up your own course on sake, and as a affiliated school of SSI INTERNATIONAL, you can set up a venue for various certification exams limited to students of your school.
* Only when you use it for the course management of affiliated schools, we will provide the charts, photos, past questions of the exam, etc. of the teaching material (English version) issued by SSI INTERNATIONAL free of charge.

3. About accredited schools
Among the affiliated schools, we certify educational institutions with excellent teaching results (usefulness of exam preparation seminars, high pass rate, many certified people, etc.) as accredited schools.

4. Certification exams that can be conducted at affiliated schools
* International Kikisake-shi (Sommelier of Sake)
* International Shochu Kikisake-shi (Sommelier of Shochu)

5. Price
《Examination Fee》

Exam fee and certification fee included 33,000 JPY (330 USD)
Re-examination tuition and certification fee included 14,000 JPY (140 USD)

・『NIHONSHU-NO-MOTOI 』 Ver.English:1,800JPY~
・『NIHONSHU-NO-MOTOI 』 Ver.Chinese : 4,800JPY~(Exchange rate fluctuations on the 25th of each month)
*Please note that the price of textbook may vary depending on the contract.

6. How to be our affiliated school

《 Flow from application to approval 》
① Please check the main contract details below.

■ Main roles of affiliated schools
・Planning to set up a special venue for the “International Kikisake-shi”(International Sake Sommelier)and “International Shochu Kikisakeshi”(International Shochu Sommelier) qualification exams sponsored by SSI INTERNATIONA
・ Above, application for examination and collection of examination fee and certification fee at the time of passing
* Due to the above, affiliated schools can independently hold exam preparation seminars, etc. linked to the exam.
■ Main contract details
1. About setting up a special venue for the qualification examination
・ Application deadline: 45 days before the exam date
・ Minimum number of participants (30 or more per event) 
・ Examination fee, certification fee proxy collection business
2. About deposit
・ 100,000 JPY
* Full refund if the exam is conducted within 1 year from the contract date / Full depreciation if the exam is not conducted within 1 year

② After accepting the contract details, please fill out and reply to the attached Application form of affiliated school .

③ Notification of acceptance of affiliated school application / sending contract
Payment of affiliated school deposit “Affiliated school certification fee: 100,000JPY
or 1000USD” to the designated account below by the designated date.
(* Please burden the bank transfer fee)

 Transferring in Japanese (JPY) Transferring in USD
Bank / Branch Name: Resona Bank / Oji Branch 
Account number: 436-1167092
Account name: SHURUISOKEN CO., LTD.
Bank /Branch Name: Resona Bank, Ltd./ Oji Branch
Account Number: 0120626

④ Concluding a contract
After confirming the payment of the deposit, we will send you the contract (2 copies) by international mail. Please sign 2 copies and return it to us. After acceptance, we will return the official contract with our signature.

⑤ Sending the implementation application of exam.
After concluding the contract, our SSI exams can be conducted as a affiliated school.
* It is necessary to submit the “implementation application form” each time in order to conduct the exams.

7.Implementation of certification exams at affiliated schools
All SSI INTERNATIONAL qualification exams are held locally at affiliated and accredited schools. (* No online exams are currently held at this moment.)

Conditions for conducting exams
Examination venue Affiliated schools
 Examiner Dispatched from SSI INTERNATIONAL
 Minimum number of participants 30 or more(* May vary depending on the contract of each affiliated school.)
 Cancellation  If you do not contact us 3 days before the exam date, we will charge you the exam fee.
Flow of Examination
Item Deadline
Application for test implementation 45 days before the exam
Submit a list of examinees 14 days before the exam
On the day of the exam Examination
Send pass or fail notification Within 2 weeks from the exam
Sending a certificate Within 2 months from the result of exam

■About exam management
(1) Examiner will be dispatched from our association to each affiliated school on the examination day. (Examination papers and tasting Sake will be brought by the examiner.)
(2) The items that the school need to prepare are the exam site, glasses for sake tasting (2 per person), water, and spittoons. Please prepare on the day of the exam.
(3) Examination papers will be collected by the examiner on the day.

■Notes on exam implementation
(1) Please submit the examinee list without any changes or corrections by the due date.
(2) Please note that we cannot accept changes or additions to the number of examinees after submitting the list of examinees.
(3) If there is any change in the registered name, please report it by 3 business days of the test date. (*Please note that the certificate will be repurchased if the certificate is created and then changed.)
(4) We do not send the admission ticket to each examinee individually. Candidates are requested to bring their ID and come directly to the venue. (*Please contact the examinee from the affiliated school for details such as the location of the venue and the examination time.)
(5) The pass / fail notification will be sent directly to each examinee by e-mail by the due date. (*We will not send it again to those who did not receive it due to an incorrect email, so please check with the affiliated school for the result.)
(6) Please note that if there is a change in the application details, the delivery of the certificate may be delayed.

8. Information for examinees
Please inform the students of the following items in addition to the test date, schedule, and venue information from the affiliated schools before the examination date.

(1) Please bring your ID and pencils. (If you do not bring your ID, we may refuse to take the test.)
(2) If you are late for more than 20 minutes, you will not be able to take the test.
(3) If you are late due to public transportation, please contact the school. In that case, please bring a delay prevention certificate.
(4) The examiner will inform you of the examination number at the venue on the day of the examination.
(5) We will notify you of the result by email within 2 weeks from the test date.
(6) If you do not pass the test, you can retake the test within one year from the first test.
However, a re-examination fee will be charged. Please contact the school directly for more information.
(7) There is a one-year limit on retaking the exam from the date of initial application until passing.
(8) According to the internal rules of qualification examination management, if there is any misconduct, the qualification will be revoked for 3 years from the next day.


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E-mail: ssi-int@sakejapan.com

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