【Ver. Chinese】Ms. SAKURAKO JO

She was interested in Japanese culture, especially sake culture, so she decided to move into the sake industry. After earning her PhD in anthropology, she founded Shenzhen City Clear Stream Business Co., Ltd. and opened the “Clear Stream Sake Bar”. She aims to spread sake culture to China and even to the world.
Work place: Seiryu Sake Bar

In October 2018, the first sake specialty store “Seiryu Sake Bar” in the South China region opened at the South Park Maple Leaf Mansion near the Shenzhen subway “Nanshan Station”. The interior is based on orange and emerald green, and is decorated with stylish photographs and pictures. We have signed a strategic partnership agreement with a Japanese sake brewing company, and it has become a hot topic as a sake specialty store with over 100 types of sake, and it is a place where many sake lovers gather.

“We aim to spread sake culture not only in China but also to the world,” says founder Ms. Jo Sakurako. Ms. Jo, who has been deeply interested in sake for a long time, started studying her sake because of her passion, and she is qualified as an Sommelier of Sake (International kikisake-shi) and a sake quality appraiser.
She chooses the sake that she finds delicious, and while considering the tastes of her customers, she offers sake with all her heart. She also has an International kikisake-shi so that staff can provide similar services.

“Since our store is a specialty store, many customers are sake lovers, and we are often asked to explain the background and taste of the product and how to enjoy it, but some customers have little experience in drinking. In that case, first try light scented sake or refreshing sake, and after listening to your impressions, we try to make proposals that fit your taste better.
“4 types of flavor characteristics” concept, the main menu is a set of sake and snacks, and the snacks are also imported from Japan. The recommended drinking temperature is also shown. Furthermore, Ms. Jo offers sake sets that she has selected herself in Japan.

In addition, many events are held at the store with the aim of further popularizing’s sake. We offer sake with different themes each time, such as inviting sake brewers, as well as seasons and events, to entertain visitors.。

Address: South Park Maple Leaf Mansion, Nanshan Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City No. 107b
Tel: +86 13902944662
Business hours: 18: 00-26: 00
Number of seats: 28 seats
(as of May 2019)