【Ver. Chinese】 Mr. WILLIAM CHAK

Born in Hong Kong in 1985. In 2005, he made his debut as an actor on Asian television.
In April 2008, he opened a sake specialty store “Happy Live Nakama” in Hong Kong. In June, he acquired an Sommelier of Sake (International kikisake-shi).

Work: Happy Live Nakama

In Hong Kong, where the number of people who drink sake is increasing in recent years, Mr. William Chak opened a sake specialty store “HAPPY LIVE NAKAMA” in April 2020 to convey his knowledge and charm of sake. Although sake is becoming more popular, there are still many people who are not sure about the origin and type of sake, and Mr. Chak was one of them. He has always been deeply interested in sake, and with that passion he began studying sake and has obtained a qualification as an Sommelier of Sake (International kikisake-shi).

He said that “After passing the exam, I became more fun of sake, and I became able to understand the differences in flavor and taste, and I also felt that sake was delicious, and I was able to enjoy the compatibility with food. Satisfaction with the hard work was high, and I feel that the skill of explaining sake to customers has greatly improved by gaining solid knowledge.
In addition, my brother, who is a partner, also has an Sommelier of Sake (International kikisake-shi) and an International Sake lecturer qualification.

We handle nearly 100 types of sake at any time. A roulette wheel is set up inside the store, and we hold fun events such as presenting the sake with the winning number. We handle a lot of Japanese snacks, and many customers come here for this. In the future, I would like to continue learning about the types of rice, the rice polishing rate, the ideas of the brewery, etc., and improve my skills so that I can make the best proposals that meet the needs of customers, such as the combination of sake and food, and how to enjoy it.

In fact, while running a shop, Mr. Chak is active in various fields such as acting, band (Happy Live) activities, launching the online video platform “Big Big Channel” and broadcasting live.
Taking advantage of this activity, it will spread the culture of sake and the splendor of sake not only to Hong Kong but also to the world.

Address:G/F 556-558 Canton Road
Tel:852 6688 4913
Business Hours: 12: 00-22: 00
(as of September 2020)