What is Sommelier of Sake (International kikisake-shi)?

This qualification is a “Sake specialist” who provides customers with sake appropriately and accurately.

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What is a remote learning course?

It is a course that you can study at any time and place and aim to acquire a qualification in a minimum of 3 months. It is selected for those who live far from the examination venue and those who want to acquire qualifications at their own pace.

Qualifications for attending (examination) Those who have reached the age at which they can drink alcohol according to the laws and regulations of the test site at the time of application
Language English, Chinese (* Traditional Chinese ver.)
Flow until qualification acquisition
You will be asked to submit all three assignments. The assignments are basically set according to the content of the text. Please read the text carefully, answer it, attach the assignment (PDF data) to the email, and send it. The submitted assignment will be corrected and graded by the instructor, and then returned by email. We will judge pass / fail based on the score.

Step.1 Application
After the application deadline is on the 25th of every month,
the course will start on the 1st of the following month.
Example) If the application is completed on April 25 ⇒ May students: Start attending from May 1
⇒If the application is completed on April 26 ⇒ June students: Start attending from June 1

Step.2 Shipment / arrival of teaching materials
Application * We will ship within 7 business days.
* Application will be completed upon payment.
When the materials arrive, please check the enclosed materials (submission method, submission deadline).
For tasting task sake, you need to prepare two types of sake by yourself.
Course period: 1 year from the start month (minimum 3 months * cannot be shortened)
* Even if you submit the assignment early, the acquisition period cannot be shortened.
Submission deadline: Deadline at the end of every month
Step.3 Work on the task and submit it
You will study at your own pace. Save the first assignment in PDF data by the set date. Please attach the saved PDF data and send it by e-mail.
E-mail address: e-mail: cc@ssi-w.com
File name: 01 Hiromi Ota 20190530.pdf (number of times) (name) (submission date)
Step.4 Return the assignment
The results of corrections and scoring by the correctors will be sent by email at the end of the month following the month in which they were submitted.
Step.5 Work on the 2nd and 3rd time
Please submit the 2nd and 3rd in the same way.
Step.6 Pass procedure
Qualifications will be granted to those who have completed all assignments and have met the passing criteria.
* The certification date will be the 1st of the month following the 3rd submission month.
Example) When the final assignment is submitted on June 30, 2020 and the passing criteria are reached.
Certification date: August 1, 2020
* Certificates and badges will be sent within the certification month.
About the course period

The period from application to acquisition of qualification is as follows.

Shortest period (approximate) About 3 months
Recommended period (approximate) Approximately 5 months (submitting assignments once every 1 to 2 months)
Course period 1 year from the month of the start of the course (*)

* You can check the start month of the course from My Page (Japanese only). It will be listed within one week after the application is completed.
(*) Includes the resubmission period. If you do not complete the course during the above course period (including if you do not meet the passing criteria), your eligibility will expire.
[Example] Correspondence course for April 2021 students: Period: April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022  1st
 submission deadline: April 1, 2021 to January 31, 2022
 2nd assignment deadline: April 1, 2021-February 28, 2022
 3rd assignment submission deadline: April 1, 2021-March 31, 2022
* 3rd assignment is March 31, 2022 Even if submitted by the date, if the answer does not meet the passing criteria, the enrollment will be forfeited.

English Ver.Chinese * Traditional Chinese Ver.
[Ver. English] 2nd Edition Apr, 2020
●Assignment Sheet
●Answer Sheet * Word data for the answer sheet is available.

●『日本酒の基 -SSI國際唎酒師官方教材-』
[Ver. Chinese] July,2020
●Assignment Sheet
●Answer Sheet * Word data for the answer sheet is available.
About issues
1st ・Problems and solutions for providing and selling sake
・Basic knowledge of various alcoholic beverages, food with palatability and beverages
2nd ・Raw materials, Production method, Indications
・Classification according to flavor characteristics (four types)
3rd ・Tasting
・Sales Promotion

* About the “3rd” tasting task sake You need to prepare two types of sake by yourself.

About liquor
When taking a course in Japan
1. Please prepare two types of sake that are distributed in Japan.
2 It is also possible to purchase from the “FBO official site” managed by the NPO corporation FBO, which is an affiliated organization.
A set of 2 bottles of sake for communication programs (recommended)
・ Dewazakura Sake Brewery (Dewazakura Sake Brewery) 720ml
・ Junmai Sake Yamada Nishiki (Daishichi Sake Brewery) 720ml
Selling price:5,060 yen (reference price including tax) *Excluding tax: 4,600 yen
 Click here to purchase

To purchase, you need to log in to the “FBO Official Site” or register as a new user (free of charge).

New user registration (free)
When taking classes overseas
Please prepare two types of sake by referring to「Recommended items」
About learning support
Tasting Teaching Materials

If you want to tasting materials “classification by flavor characteristics (4 types)”, “Nikko odor” and “old odor”, this “examinee support plan target person limited tasting material liquor” is recommended. It is sold as a set of 300㎖ x 4 and 180ml x 2 that can be stored in the refrigerator at home.
* We cannot ship overseas. Correspondence course issues Cannot be used as alcoholic beverages.
Selling price:5,610 yen (reference price including tax) *Excluding tax: 5,100 yen
* The listed alcoholic beverages are ordered, sold, and delivered at the Service Science Research Institute entrusted by the Society.
* The following liquor sales license has been obtained from the head of the tax office in charge.
[Alcoholic beverage sales contractor]
Business name: Service Science Research Institute
Business location: 1-15-17 Koishikawa, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0002 TN Koishikawa Building 7F
Business contact: 03-5615-8206
Cost Regarding this, “NPO corporation FBO”, which is a member of SSI International,
will collect the money on your behalf.

* Alcohol has been around since I was 20 years old. Sake is delicious and appropriate. Never drink drunk driving.
* Be careful when drinking alcohol during pregnancy or lactation, as it may affect the development of the fetal and infant. After that, recycle.
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Tuition fee & Application
Tuition fee

General: 70,180 yen (reference price including tax) *Excluding tax: 63,800 yen
FBO certified member: 35,090 yen (reference price including tax) *Excluding tax: 31,900 yen

(including teaching material fee, certification fee, certificate, and certification badge)

With official text Ver. EnglishWith official text Ver. Chinese
 Ver. English  General: 73,480 yen (reference price including tax) *Excluding tax: 66,800 yen
FBO certified member: 38,060 yen (reference price including tax) *Excluding tax: 34,600 yen

* Including teaching materials (excluding official textbooks) and certification fee
 Ver. Chinese  General: 76,230 yen (reference price including tax) *Excluding tax: 69,300 yen
FBO certified member: 41,140 yen (reference price including tax) *Excluding tax: 37,400 yen

* Including teaching materials (excluding official textbooks) and certification fee

Application Please apply from the application button at the bottom of the page.


* Please scroll and check until the end.

I have confirmed and agreed to the “Notes” and “Application Terms”.