Kampai (Cheers) Sake around the world

We’ve been researching how to serve “SAKE” and “SHOCHU”, especially in other countries.
We aim to contribute the development of SAKE industries, and succession development through the educational and enlightenment activities around the world.

(Abbreviation:SSI INT’L)
Established 2009
Chairman Haruyuki Hioki
NPOFBO vice chief director/SSI senior managing director
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Address TN Koishikawa building 7th floor, 1-15-17 Koishikawa, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0002
  • International Kikisake-shi(10,563 people
  • International Shochu Kikisake-shi(339 people
  • International Sake Lecturer(336 people
  • Sakasho(226 people)
  • Sake Navigatorcertified by SSI INT’L: 2,203 people ※As of February 2024

Our Business
Research on Japanese sake and food with a global perspective
Human resource development and certification of professionals in service of sake with a global perspective
Human resource development and certification of people who can spread appropriate knowledge of sake to consumers worldwide
Business that will expand sake worldwide
Grant awards to people who contributed to expanding sake worldwide
Business to make sake an international product
Human resource development of tasters of sake as well as the evaluation criteria on the flavor and aroma of sake
Establish communities and exchange human resources through sake
Promote the Japanese sake culture and tradition worldwide
Other businesses that aim to accomplish the goals of our organization


1991 Established SSI 
2009 Established SSI International
2010 Affiliated with Soongsil University to start the examination
2010 The first International Kikisake-shi was certified
2013 Started the International Kikisake-shi correspondence course
2013 Held the examination for International Kikisake-shi in Japan
2018 Held the examination for SSI INTERNATIONAL Official Lecturer
2018 The first SSI INTERNATIONAL Official Lecturer was certified
2019 The first winner of the World Kikisake-shi Competition from the International Kikisake-shi
2019 International Shochu kikisake-shi Lectures and exams began
2019 The first International Shochu Kikisakeshi Certified Person is emerged
2021 Over 5,000 people became certified International Kikisake-shi
2021 Master Sommelier of Sake (Sakasho) Lectures and exams began
2021 The first International Master Sommelier of Sake (Sakasho) Certified Person is emerged
2023 Over 10,000 people became certified International Kikisake-shi